Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've listed a few of the most often asked questions we from POPVOX users.
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Why can’t POPVOX find my Congressional District by zip code alone? Why do you need my entire street address?

If only it were that easy! Legislative districts (federal, state, and local) don't follow standard zip code boundaries, and so we need the full address to connect you with the correct lawmakers.


Why can I only write to or respond to my lawmakers?

Our mission is to help you be more informed, take effective action, and help lawmakers do their jobs better. That means helping those elected to represent *you* hear from their constituents, not *the entire Internet.* One of the main complaints we hear from lawmakers is that they can't tell online if they are hearing from their state or district – or even from real people. POPVOX helps them cut through the noise. Additionally, official correspndence systems limit incoming messages from non-constituents, so we cannot deliver your input to lawmakers who don't serve your state or district.


Can I follow lawmakers that do not represent me?

Yes, you can follow any lawmaker on POPVOX and receive updates on their actions. However, you may only reply to or comment on the actions of YOUR lawmaker.


What if my lawmaker is not listed?

Our system updates automatically after the lawmaker takes his or her first vote. There may be a small lag, but wihtin a few days of a lawmaker's first vote, they should show up on POPVOX. If you do not see them, please let us know.


What if I don't leave a comment, but just hit "support" or "oppose"?

You can register your position on a bill without writing a message to Congress. It will be included in the POPVOX count and in your history. You can come back later and write a message to your lawmaker on that bill.


What happens when I edit or delete a comment that has already been sent to a lawmaker?

Unfortunately, we can't "un-send" comments that have already been sent to your lawmakers. When you edit or delete a comment you change what is displayed on POPVOX.


How long does it take for Congress to get my message?

POPVOX delivery runs constantly. Your message will usually be delivered within 24-48 hours.


I’m an American living abroad. Which address should I use?

Please use the US-based address where you are registered to vote or your last US-based address.


I am not American, but I care about what’s happening in the US Congress. Can I still participate?

POPVOX is currently only available to people who are represented in the US Congress.


What happens when a Member of Congress dies or leaves offices? Do you still deliver messages to the office?

When an office is vacant, we have no way of delivering your messages. However, POPVOX still collects all positions and messages sent by constituents, and they are available to the new lawmaker once he or she takes office.


How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, just send a quick email to info@popvox.com from the email registered on POPVOX, subject line "delete account".